Sigvard wrote:
On his father´s side Gunnar is related to the author Ekstrom not to the insane minister.  I think  Gunnar and my friend in Dallas George Hanson have looked at these pages before. I have not heard from George of Dallas for some time. He gave and collected money for a monument  to remember all Swedes who left for the U.S.A.  The monument is called the CRYSTAL BRIDGE. You can  see it about 12 miles north of Mellerud. Perhaps we shall see each other in Seattle some time.

Mr Gunnar Eloson wrote that you wanted to hear from me. My sister is a retired nurse and she has 4 daughters who are living in the Seattle  area. I made 2 homepages. You can read one and the other is in the Swedish language. If you click at sallskapet you may look at a lot of people one is a first cousin of  mr Gunnar Elofson.